The Best Coffee Maker for Excellent Coffee Enjoyment

The Best Coffee Maker for Excellent Coffee Enjoyment

Coffee preparation for purists, aesthetes and those keen to experiment

The morning ritual of making coffee is a real must for many. Just like the best coffee maker. For a perfect start to the day, we have put together a small but fine selection of exclusive coffee makers, which probably not everyone will immediately see, but which deliver impressive results. Whether AeroPress, Chemex or Siphon: They not only guarantee excellent coffee enjoyment, but also impress with their great and unusual design. So you really don’t have to hide in the kitchen. 

Coffee preparation with style

In our range, there is the right coffee maker for every coffee lover. With the handy devices you can prepare two to six cups of first-class coffee and they all look great too. Therefore, they are a real asset for anyone who values ​​both style and recorded coffee enjoyment.

The AeroPress , for example, enables quick and easy preparation . On the other hand, you get particularly aromatic filter coffee with our specially shaped Chemex coffee carafe , while the Hario Coffee Siphon promises a real experience during the coffee preparation process and brings many aromas out of the coffee powder.

Find out more about this very special coffee maker here and choose your favorite.

Quick coffee enjoyment with style – the AeroPress Set

It’s not for nothing that our AeroPress is one of the most popular manual coffee machines: With this unusual and innovative type of coffee preparation, you brew aromatic filter coffee with a strong, full-bodied aroma. Practical side effect: Because all the components are made of plastic and are therefore very light, you will find a great solution in this system so that you don’t have to do without the beloved coffee aroma when traveling.

An uncomplicated handling promises quick and comfortable coffee enjoyment that is also fully convincing in terms of taste. A practical filling funnel is included in the set to make filling the AeroPress easy . The measuring spoon also guarantees exactly the right amount of coffee powder for the individual taste, while the microfilter ensures that the coffee is perfectly filtered by simply pressing the sieve down. A stirring rod and the convenient filter holder round off the set so that nothing stands in the way of a delicious coffee experience.

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The Siphon coffee maker

AeroPress – Instructions for the coffee maker

The Chemex coffee carafe – the elegant coffee filter for 1 to 6 cups

Top-class filter coffee can also be obtained with this smart and well thought-out coffee carafe. The elegant glass carafe is not only a coffee maker, but also a decanter. While the small Chemex coffee carafe holds 440 ml and can therefore make one to three cups of coffee, its big brother with 890 ml is suitable for up to six cups of coffee.
Both variants are characterized by a special hourglass shape, which was created by the German chemist and coffee lover Dr. Peter J. Schlumbohm and guarantees a uniquely balanced taste. The coffee is made using cone-shaped Chemex filters made directly in the carafe. The tapered filters have a particularly large opening and, thanks to their shape, perform the coffee extraction evenly. This dissolves the valuable aromas more intensely than with conventional filter coffee.
Once the coffee has been brewed, the filter can simply be removed and the coffee served straight from the carafe. The heat-insulating wooden handle is used for convenient and safe serving of the hot drink, while the functionally shaped pouring channel makes pouring easier.
Thanks to the high-quality and heat-resistant borosilicate glass, the carafe can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. Only the wooden cuff and the leather cord have to be removed before the wash cycle.

The siphon: this is how coffee preparation becomes a spectacle

As fascinating as the variety of aromas in a good coffee is its preparation with a siphon. The name comes from ancient Greek and means nothing more than pipe. This already partially explains how it works, because with this type of coffee preparation, the water is heated in one glass flask while the fresh coffee is in another. The heated water now rises through a glass tube to release the best aromas from the coffee grounds. Making coffee becomes a real spectacle and a lesson in physics.
By the way: The siphon has become indispensable in trendy cafés. Its invention is actually very old. The vacuum brewing method was invented by the Loeff company back in the 1830s. It was patented and made ready for production in 1840 by the French Madame Vassieux.

In order to guarantee our customers the great spectacle of this coffee preparation, we offer two different siphon models made of glass. The Hario Coffee Siphon Technica 2 Cup with a capacity of 240 ml is the classic variant and is ideal for smaller quantities of coffee. The Hario Coffee Siphon NEXT, on the other hand, holds up to 600 ml of liquid. Both devices are a real asset for coffee lovers and thanks to their high-quality glass guarantee that you can watch the fascinating spectacle of the vacuum method. A halogen heater heats the water in the lower glass flask and allows individual time and temperature settings via a touchscreen. This enables a unique taste with many fine aromas. The practical construction and the high-quality material also guarantee that the siphon is easy to use and keep clean.

Overview of advantages and disadvantages of coffee makers

AeroPressChemex coffee carafeSiphon
✔️ quick preparation✔️ elegant design✔️ Selectable temperature
✔️ easy coffee disposal and cleaning✔️ aromatic coffee✔️ full-bodied taste intensity
❌ only small amounts of coffee✔️ quick preparation✔️ Avoidance of over-extraction
❌ Over-extraction possible❌ Over- or under-extraction possible✔️ fascinating to watch
❌ water temperature❌ skillful infusion necessary❌ more expensive

Which device is recommended for whom?

A siphon not only offers physicists a good start to the day, it also enriches the coffee table in the afternoon with a real coffee ceremony. If, on the other hand, you want a quick cup of coffee for one or two people, the AeroPress is the right choice.
All those who love extravagant shapes get the perfect design and the optimal aromas of an exclusive filter coffee with the practical Chemex coffee carafe. It can make up to six cups of coffee, making it perfect for those who like to drink coffee together and serve it in style. As with the siphon, you can play with the water temperature, the degree of grinding and the extraction time. With the AeroPress, on the other hand, there is significantly less scope for experiments.


With our fascinating hand filters and coffee makers, coffee lovers can bring coffee making to the table and turn it into an event. In addition to a great design, a particularly aromatic coffee enjoyment is guaranteed.