Store Tea Properly: so Your Tea Remains Aromatic

Store Tea Properly: so Your Tea Remains Aromatic

Many people love tea, but how do you actually store it? How does it keep for a long time and how is the aroma not lost? We will answer these and other questions on the subject of “properly storing tea” for you.

That is why correct storage is so important

Anyone who buys their favorite tea naturally also wants something from it for a long time. Especially with tea, the aroma evaporates fairly quickly, which changes the actual taste. Tea is also very sensitive to other smells. Nobody wants their tea to taste and smell like spices or other foods. It is therefore particularly important to ensure that the tea is stored correctly. This is the only way to preserve the taste and aroma for a long time and you can enjoy the tea for a long time.

This is the best way to store your tea

Storing tea properly is not that difficult. You just have to pay attention to a few aspects. In principle, tea should always be stored in a cool, dark and dry place. A cool cellar or an unheated pantry are ideal for this.

Protect from moisture

You shouldn’t necessarily keep your favorite tea in the kitchen. Due to the cooking and rinsing, there is often a high level of humidity there, which is harmful to the tea. The tea leaves can clump together or even start to go moldy. Then of course you can no longer use the tea.

Avoid ambient odors

Another reason why you shouldn’t store the tea in the kitchen is the sometimes strong different smells. There they store spices and other foods whose aromas tea would quickly take on. The taste of the tea would change. Therefore, you should not store the tea in the refrigerator. There, too, it is exposed to many different smells and foods that have a negative effect on the aroma of the tea.

Store in the can

In order to protect the tea from external influences and, above all, from light, the tea is best kept in a tightly sealable can. This can be made of either wood or stainless metal. You should avoid using glass tea caddies, however, as glass is translucent and thus the tea loses its aroma. In addition, your tea in the cans will be a real eye-catcher. However, the tea caddy should not be too big, otherwise the tea will come into contact with too much oxygen and the aroma will suffer. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also put your tea in a bag and then put it in the box. So you can store the tea properly.
Under no circumstances should the tea caddies be cleaned with detergent, as possible residues would adulterate the taste of the tea. Cleaning with hot water is sufficient. Before you fill the box with new tea, however, it should be completely dry. Otherwise the tea can go moldy.

A little hint:

So that you always have an overview of which tea is in which can, you can label it with labels. It is also best to always write down when you put the tea in there so that you know which type of tea you should use up first.


There are countless types of tea around the world, but strictly speaking, only tea that is made from the tea plant Camellia can be called tea. These include the six types: black tea, white tea, green tea, yellow tea, oolong tea, pu erh tea. That is, these teas come from the same plant. The different types are created solely through the different further processing. Other varieties, which are also known as tea, are, for example, fruit tea, peppermint tea or chamomile tea. They are indirectly counted as teas because they are prepared the same way and also consist of dried leaves, flowers and berries.

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Green tea and oolong

The green tea and low-fermented oolong tea are particularly susceptible to external influences and quickly lose their original flavor. You should therefore store these types of tea in a particularly cool place. A temperature between eight and ten degrees Celsius is ideal for this. Some tea lovers therefore have a special refrigerator in which they only store their tea at the perfect temperature. It is also important to keep these varieties airtight in any case. The taste changes very quickly on contact with air. The teas then often taste sour or rough.

White tea

White tea needs the same conditions as green tea. However, it is much less sensitive. That said, white tea doesn’t lose its aroma quite as quickly. It even lasts for several years – provided it is kept airtight and dark. During this long storage period, the tea slowly refines itself and acquires a completely new, spicy aroma. The Chinese refer to such a tea as “Lao Cha” – in English “old tea” – and sell it at significantly higher prices.

Black tea

Storing black tea properly is relatively easy because it has few conditions. Because its strong aroma makes it much more tolerant. But if you want to have some of your tea for a long time, you should still follow the general tips on correct storage: airtight, dry and protected from light.

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Shelf life of the tea

Basically, you should use tea within about ten weeks after opening. When closed, it stays fresh for up to three years. Black tea has a particularly long shelf life, fruit and herbal teas have a comparatively short shelf life. If stored correctly, tea can be kept for a long time because the dry tea leaves offer little attack surface for bacteria and mold. The only disadvantage of too long storage is only the loss of flavor. This is why you should buy tea in small quantities and then use it up quickly. This is how you get the greatest pleasure.


If you always want to enjoy your tea fresh and aromatic, always store it in a cool, dry and dark place. Also, keep it away from other smells so that it doesn’t lose its taste. You will be surprised how good your favorite tea tastes thanks to these tips.