Prepare Ristretto – Ristretto Recipe

Prepare Ristretto – Ristretto Recipe

If you like an intense coffee taste, then you should prepare a ristretto or order it in a specialty café. The ristretto has a stronger body than a classic espresso and is a real aromatic taste bomb in the mouth. Ristretto means “limited”. This is reflected in the amount of water used.

Difference: Ristretto vs. Espresso

Compared to espresso, only about half the amount of water is required for a ristretto. The filling quantity in the cup with a ristretto is correspondingly lower (filling quantity ristretto approx. 15 ml vs. filling quantity espresso approx. 25-30 ml). This also results in a shorter throughput time (also called extraction time) and a correspondingly shorter contact time of the coffee grounds with the water. The amount of coffee powder is identical, however. The result is a very concentrated and still aromatic short espresso. The ristretto is therefore also known as “shortened espresso”. In southern Italy, the ristretto is also affectionately known as “Corto” (short).

How does a ristretto taste?

We would classify the coffee taste of a ristretto as intense, strong, and rather acidic. The consistency of the drink is syrupy and less runny. If you are used to filtering coffee with a lot of milk (and sugar), the taste of a ristretto will knock your socks off. You have to approach this intense taste first. Only then will you appreciate the benefits of a ristretto.

The aroma of a ristretto is less bitter than that of a conventional espresso. The reason for this is that the contact time with the coffee grounds is shorter. Therefore, few bitter substances get into the cup. This is because bitter substances are only created more and more after the processing time of 25 to 30 seconds. And with the Ristretto, the throughput time is already stopped after 15 seconds. This is why the sour and sweet aromas are primarily extracted in a ristretto. If you have a strong sense of the senses, you will notice a stronger sweetness in a ristretto than in espresso. Because of this pronounced sweetness, in our opinion, a ristretto is ideal for the preparation of coffee drinks with milk foam, such as cappuccinoflat white, Caffè Latte, and Latte Macchiato.

Prepare the ristretto

To prepare a ristretto, you need freshly roasted espresso beans and an espresso machine with a portafilter. You should grind the beans (7-10 g for a cup of ristretto) with an espresso grinder in the portafilter just before brewing. The grinding degree should be a little finer than that for espresso preparation. As a result, the intense aroma is tickled out of the beans in the short extraction time. You should preheat your espresso cup with hot water before you start the extraction.

The extraction time should be 15 seconds. During these 15 seconds, 15 ml of liquid should have been extracted. Before you drink the ristretto, don’t forget to stir the drink once so that the flavors mix better.

Double ristretto

In an espresso cup, 15 ml ristretto is only a small amount of liquid. Strictly speaking, 15 ml is just a small sip. Therefore there is another variant, namely a Doppio Ristretto (double ristretto). For a double ristretto, double the amount of ground coffee is used (14 to 20g) and extracted in about 30-35 ml of liquid.

Ristretto recipe

Ristretto Recipe (15 ml)
By John
January 29, 2020

A ristretto is an espresso with shorter processing time. Here you can find our recipe for ristretto for 1 cup (15 ml).

Nutritional information (15 ml):
2 calories
0.1 grams of fat

– 7 – 10 g fresh espresso beans
– hot water (90 – 94 ° C)

Instructions for preparing 15 ml ristretto:
Step 1: Preheat the espresso cup on the espresso machine or with hot water.
Step 2: Finely grind 7-10 g espresso beans directly into the portafilter.
Step 3: Level and tamp the espresso flour in the portafilter.
Step 4: Clamp the portafilter in the brew group and start the cover.
Step 5: Stop dispensing after approx. 15 seconds when 15 ml ristretto has been brewed.
Step 6: stir & drink.

play the video to lean the ristretto

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