Rent or Lease a Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Rent or Lease a Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

A high-quality fully automatic coffee machine should not be missing in any office these days in order to be able to pamper guests and employees with a good coffee specialty – and did you know, by the way, that you can rent a fully automatic coffee machine? What has long been common in the catering sector is now gaining acceptance in more and more companies. Sounds like a cheaper alternative to a device that might cost several thousand dollars, doesn’t it? Read here now when renting or leasing is particularly worthwhile.

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Rent a fully automatic coffee machine: for whom and when it is worthwhile

Whereas in the past the secretary or intern was busy preparing the filter coffee in the classic coffee machine, which was quite time-consuming, today all you need to do is press a button and you can have a wide variety of coffee specialties such as espresso cappuccino and latte macchiato.
Good coffee machines are available from around 400 dollars, but most fully automatic machines are in the four-digit range and are therefore a very expensive purchase. In the office in particular, you should therefore carefully consider whether a purchase is worthwhile or whether renting or leasing is perhaps more suitable. Significantly smaller monthly amounts can be paid here and the acquisition costs are spread over a longer period of time. In addition, renting or leasing can also be of interest to those who are not technically familiar with coffee machines. After all, the devices want to be serviced and cleaned regularly, so that a combined rental / leasing and maintenance contract is particularly worthwhile for offices. Since not every employee in the catering sector should be able to repair a complex fully automatic coffee machine, these offers can also be of interest to bars and cafes and prevent days or even weeks of downtime. If, on the other hand, you can make a larger investment and are confident in your choice of device, you can also buy the fully automatic coffee machine and then conclude an inexpensive maintenance contract with one of the numerous providers. A precise cost comparison of the various models and providers helps to choose the best variant for your own needs.

However, one should also bear in mind that fully automatic coffee machines are constantly being improved and adapted to new coffee trends. When leasing or renting, it is much easier to switch to innovative models and bring technical innovations to your company. With many vendors, you can therefore opt for an up-to-date device at regular intervals and thus always serve the latest coffee trends to guests.

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Rental models for fully automatic coffee machines

When it comes to renting a coffee machine, there are numerous providers to choose from, especially in the big cities, who provide a wide variety of products and services. From simple coffee machines with instant products to fully automatic coffee machines that are operated with whole coffee beans up to hot and cold drinks machines are available to you. A comparison is therefore advisable in order to get the cheapest price and good conditions. Contact several providers in your city and get an offer for your needs. Before doing this, think about how many cups of coffee and which coffee specialties you will roughly use each day. Also think about whether you want to fill the coffee machine yourself or want a complete all-round service, and let us make you appropriate offers. In the subsequent comparison, you should consider criteria such as duration, insurance and maintenance service in addition to costs.

Anyone who is afraid of high costs for daily coffee enjoyment can also benefit from special offers: For example, for larger companies and public institutions, for example, coin-operated coffee machines are an interesting alternative. With these devices you can provide your guests and employees with delicious coffee specialties without incurring high consumption costs. Corresponding key or chip systems also guarantee cashless payment on these devices. At the same time, these systems allow special conditions for defined persons (groups), e.g. enable subsidies or free drinks for their own employees.

Tip : By the way, short-term rental of coffee machines is also possible for special events such as trade fairs or company celebrations.

Leasing for fully automatic coffee machines?

Many traders are familiar with leasing models for cars, but this option is also available for fully automatic coffee machines. Contractually agreed leasing rates are due in a term of 12 to 36 months, for example, and at the end of the term there is usually the option of taking over the device. However, you are not obliged to take the device and can often switch to newer models during the term. At the same time, the rental company usually offers a free repair service. Since the costs of leasing fully automatic coffee machines are very different, in addition to choosing the right device, you should also compare the monthly installments from different providers.

In summary, it can be said that leasing is a good option for those who cannot cope with the high financial burden of buying an expensive fully automatic coffee machine. At the same time, with this installment transaction, you can test your dream device intensively in everyday life and replace it with another if necessary. If, on the other hand, you are convinced of the selected fully automatic coffee machine at an early stage, you can also purchase it early from some leasing providers and thus withdraw from the leasing contract.


You can also afford delicious coffee specialties for your own employees and guests without having to buy an expensive fully automatic coffee machine. Today there are uncomplicated and inexpensive ways of renting a fully automatic coffee machine, which enables you to enjoy excellent coffee for a small monthly fee. Since the selection of providers on the market is very large, it is of course always worth comparing the various offers.