Quamar M80E Espresso Grinder Test

Quamar M80E Espresso Grinder Test

Do you want to prepare espresso in your own four walls and are you looking for a really good espresso grinder with gastronomy quality? Then you should take a closer look at the Quamar M80E espresso grinder.

The Quamar M80E is an electric direct grinder-mill with a disc grinder from Italy, which can be used both for home use by TangyCoffee and for use in the catering trade. We have been using the grinder every day for 24 months, have put it through its paces, and can therefore recommend it to you without reservation.

Back then we ordered our grinder online from Amazon. Ordering and shipping went smoothly. 

What are the advantages of buying the Quamar M80E espresso grinder?

We particularly like the following points about the Quamar M80E espresso grinder:

  • convincing grinding quality and consistent, homogeneous grinding results to produce excellent espressi
  • high-quality processing of the housing made of die-cast aluminum
  • elegant, attractive design
  • Grind on demand: direct grind ejection for super-fresh quality
  • relatively quiet (approx. 72 decibels)
  • grinds the beans very quickly (between 3 g and 5.6 g per second – depending on the degree of grinding)
  • large grinding discs with 63 mm diameter (disc grinder made of steel)
  • three programmable function keys that enable a time-controlled dosage directly into the portafilter
  • stable portafilter support
  • LCD control panel for setting the dosing time I-III, background lighting, your slogan, time of day and date, total payments, and month counter
  • little dead space (only a little old ground coffee remains in the grinder)
  • only slight variation in the ejection of the coffee grounds
  • the degree of grinding can be adjusted in stages using a grid
  • relatively low price compared to other catering mills

How homogeneously can the Quamar M80E espresso grinder grind?

As you may already know, the espresso beans need to be ground as homogeneously as possible before brewing to create a balanced espresso taste. Homogeneous means that as many coffee particles as possible are created during the grinding process, which are the right and, above all, the same size. Because each coffee particle can only give off the same amount of aroma if it is the same size, which in turn ensures a uniform and balanced taste in the espresso cares. After extensive tests with the Quamar M80E, we can say that the mill can produce a homogeneous grist. If the grind is too fine, it can happen that the ejected grist clumps a little. In such cases, we advise you to mix the grist well before using it and to break up the lumps.

What does the Quamar M80E espresso grinder cost?

You might be wondering now if you have to put that hefty sum on the table to grind espresso. Or whether an inexpensive fly knife mill for € 15.99 is sufficient? Our answer: Opt for the more expensive variant, because the high acquisition costs for a grinder like the Quamar M80E espresso grinder will have amortized for you after a few months. Thanks to the Quamar M80E, we enjoy incredibly good espresso quality every day in our own four walls, which we would never have achieved with a cheap fly knife grinder. The investment has made it affordable.

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Here you can buy the Quamar M80E espresso grinder

We ordered our Quamar online from Coffee Circle. Ordering and shipping went smoothly. The mill runs perfectly. You can buy the grinder from Coffee Circle. *

At Amazon, the grinder is also available in other colors (e.g. polished black, matt black, polished red, white).

Our conclusion

✓ convincing grinding quality
✓ constant, homogeneous grinding results
✓ elegant, attractive design
✓ large grinding disks with 63 mm diameter
✓ stable portafilter support

If you want to prepare a really good espresso at home, you can’t avoid buying a good grinder. So you should give the grinder at least the same weight as the espresso machine. We would even weight the importance of the grinder a little higher: You can prepare better espresso with a top-class grinder such as the M80E and an inferior espresso machine than with a cheap grinder and a high-priced professional espresso machine. For us, the Quamar M80E espresso grinder has turned out to be a real price-performance miracle, which produces grist par excellence and is also top in terms of handling and – incidentally – is in no way inferior to the € 200 more expensive Mazzer Mini Electronics A in terms of performance.

There is only one tiny point of criticism that we did not want to withhold from you: The grist sprinkles (“spotty”) something during the grinding process. So not every gram of your espresso beans ends up directly in the portafilter. This is not a problem and can be neglected – but you have to clean the work surface of the old coffee grounds at regular intervals.