Prepare White Coffee | Milk Coffee Recipe
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Prepare White Coffee | Milk Coffee Recipe

You can easily prepare a delicious white coffee in your own four walls. Here you will find our step-by-step instructions for preparing a perfect white coffee.

Café au lait in France

In France, coffee with milk (café au lait) has always been served with a baguette for breakfast. The French drink their café au lait from a bowl without a handle that is big enough to drink a piece of baguette. As is well known, the baguette is not a national dish in America- the Cafe au Lait, however, is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and America. The French know what tastes good …

What makes milk coffee so popular?

Anyone who has previously only ever drunk coffee with a shot of cold milk will be pleasantly surprised at the first sip of a perfect white coffee. A milk coffee consists of half coffee and half warm milk – the high proportion of milk ensures that the drink is pleasantly sweet in combination with a strong coffee.

pouring coffee from bialetti |

Many people also like the fact that the milk coffee is served in a bowl or in a large cup, which is great for warming your hands. Compared to a cappuccino with a capacity of approx. 180 ml, a white coffee with 360 ml contains twice the amount of coffee in combination with milk. This is why coffee with milk is so popular in cafés when you have an extensive breakfast with good friends on the weekend and enjoy a large portion of café au lait.

Make milk coffee yourself at home

So that the milk coffee tastes great in your own four walls, you need the following ingredients and coffee accessories:

  • electric coffee grinder with conical or disc grinder (e.g. the Graef CM 800 ).
  •  Coffee beans from a specialty coffee roastery
  •  Stove pot (also known as an espresso maker, mocha pot, or Bialetti)
  •  filtered water
  •  fresh whole milk with 3.5% fat
  •  small pot

You should grind the coffee beans right before you prepare the white coffee. We recommend a fine grind, but not a very fine espresso grind, but a slightly coarser grain. This means that the coffee does not taste so bitter. Here you will find brief instructions on how to prepare the coffee in the espresso maker.

You can of course also use filter coffee to prepare your milk coffee. We recommend that you use darker coffee roasts that have a reduced acidity as filter coffee. Nutty and chocolate aromas should be in the foreground when choosing the coffee beans. These aromas harmonize wonderfully with the natural sweetness of the warmed milk. We can recommend this Arabica blend:

You may also be wondering whether you should fill the cup with milk first or coffee first when preparing coffee with milk? In contrast to the latte macchiato, with milk coffee, the coffee is first poured into the cup and then the warm milk is poured in.

Which milk for milk coffee?

boiling milk |

As is well known, fat is a flavor carrier. Whole milk with high-fat content is therefore full of flavor and very tasty. In our experience, if you use milk with 3.5 or 3.8 percent fresh whole milk in your milk coffee, it simply tastes better. The coffee taste is rounded off and more intense. With low-fat milk, the coffee taste may not come into its own. You can also easily use plant-based alternatives to cow’s milk, such as oat milk or coconut milk.

When the cooker is on the stove, you also take care of heating the milk. Make sure not to heat the milk warmer than 70 ° Celsius. At a temperature of over 70 ° Celsius, the milk sugar begins to burn. This causes the milk to lose its fresh and sweet taste. Milk that is heated too high tastes burnt and has no place in your perfect white coffee. Ideally, the temperature of the milk is 65 ° Celsius. You can easily measure the temperature with this thermometer.

Which coffee beans are suitable for milk coffee?

We recommend that you brew the coffee for the white coffee in the stove. The stove pot delivers quite acceptable results with lighter espresso roasts. Here you will find a small selection of espresso roasts that are well suited for the stovetop.

Milk coffee recipe

White coffee recipe (360 ml)
by John
May 05, 2020

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You can prepare a really good white coffee at home with simple means if you follow our recipe. Here you can find our milk coffee recipe for 1 large cup (360 ml).

Nutritional information (360 ml):
115 calories
6.3 grams of fat

– cooker jug ​​(Bialetti)
– small saucepan
– 180 ml of coffee
– 180 ml fresh whole milk with 3.5% fat
– 1 large cup or bowl

Coffee - 46989
Coffee - 46989
Instructions for preparing 360 ml milk coffee:
Step 1: Prepare coffee with the stove (espresso maker / Bialetti)
Step 2: Heat 3.5% whole milk in a small saucepan to approx. 65 ° C
Step 3: Add 180 ml strong coffee to the Fill the cup
Step 4: Pour 180 ml of warm milk into it

Milk coffee in Italy

In Italy, the caffè latte is the counterpart to the milk coffee. However, the basis is a single or a double espresso. The espresso or Doppio is then infused with warm milk. Usually, the drink is served in a glass.

 Prepare the caffè latte

Milk coffee in Spain

In Spain, too, there is a variant of the milk coffee with the Café con Leche. This consists of espresso with warm milk or with frothed milk. The espresso is served in a cup. The milk foam is often placed on the table separately in a small jug. The espresso – milk mixing ratio is approximately 1: 1.