Prepare Caffè Latte – Caffè Latte Recipe
Caffè Latte Recipe

Prepare Caffè Latte – Caffè Latte Recipe

The caffè latte is a classic breakfast in Italy. The drink has spread internationally and has many fans all over the world. The caffè latte is similar to the cappuccino but contains more milk than a cappuccino. Translated, Caffè Latte simply means “coffee and milk”. The drink is often served in a glass with a volume of 220-260 ml.

Ingredients & equipment for a caffè latte

The basis of a caffè latte is a simple espresso. Depending on your taste, a double espresso or a lungo can also be used as a base. The difference to cappuccino is that the Caffè Latte consists of a higher proportion of milk and a lower proportion of milk foam. This makes the layering of the components a little different. This gives the drink a slightly milder taste.

We recommend that you prepare the caffè latte with an espresso machine with a portafilter because the espresso quality is much better here than with a capsule machine or a fully automatic coffee machine. You can also use the steam wand of an espresso machine to produce a creamy, liquid milk foam.

Preparation of a caffè latte

The espresso is brewed as usual. The selected glass may not fit under the portafilter. It, therefore, makes sense to first brew the espresso in another vessel and then pour it into the glass. Then the milk is frothed. The frothing technique is the same as for a cappuccino with the difference that the brewing phase is slightly shorter than when preparing a cappuccino. The consistency is a liquid, creamy milk foam. An important note: the milk should not be heated to over 65 degrees Celsius. It is therefore important to stop the foaming process in a good time.

A caffè latte, therefore, requires more hot milk than a cappuccino. The amount of milk used for this depends on the volume of the glass but is approx. 210 ml. The frothed milk is poured onto the espresso. Ideally, a layer of foam about 5 mm thick will form on the surface. With a caffè latte, motifs ( latte art ) are often conjured up on the surface using the special pouring technique.

Caffè Latte Recipe (240 ml)
By John
January 15, 2020

The caffè latte is a breakfast classic in Italy. The drink has spread internationally, is popular all over the world, and is enjoyed around the clock. Here you can find our recipe for Caffè Latte for 1 glass (240 ml).

Nutritional information (240 ml):
136 calories
7.5 grams of fat

– 30 ml espresso
– 210 ml milk (3.5% fat)

Instructions for the preparation of 240 ml Caffè Latte:
Step 1: Preheat the Caffè Latte glass on the machine or with hot water 

Step 2: Brew 30 ml of espresso into the pre-warmed glass
Step 3: Froth 210 ml of milk (milk temperature up to max 65 ° C)
Step 4: Pour milk foam into the Caffè Latte glass. Hold the milk jug close to the glass and gently move it back and forth while pouring.
Step 5: drink

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