AeroPress – Instructions for the Coffee Maker

AeroPress – Instructions for the Coffee Maker

The AeroPress: Toolbox for the home barista

In search of the perfect coffee, baristas all over the world are turning all the screws that influence the aroma, appearance and, above all, the taste of this brown delicacy. Even in the age of filter coffee machines, fully automatic coffee machines and espresso machines, many people value hand-brewed coffee in order to be able to precisely influence the desired result. The AeroPress offers a remarkable number of options and allows coffee enjoyment from cold brew to espresso.

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Lend a hand is required

The AeroPress combines the advantages of an espresso machine with the direct influence on the preparation process of a French press. It allows adjustment of all the factors that are important for taste, such as water temperature, duration of the brewing process, trigger pressure of the aromas, filtration, degree of grinding and roasting of the coffee beans and of course the type of coffee. In contrast to pad and capsule systems, it allows you to use coffee that you have grown yourself or that you roast yourself. It is very easy to use. In the filter holder, the transparent brewing cylinder closes on one side, while coffee powder and hot water are poured in via the funnel and mixed with the stirring rod.

The plunger closes the system airtight and pushes the finished coffee through the coffee filter. The brewer manually determines the strength of the pressure and thus the amount of dissolved aromas. With a little practice, even the layman can achieve the coveted ratio of 18% – 22% extracted coffee as the Gold Cup standard.

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The AeroPress Set in the TangyCoffee shop

The best way to start your home barista career is with the AeroPress set from the TangyCoffee online shop. You can use it to brew Arabica or Robusta beans , light or dark roasted, as finely or coarsely ground coffee directly over your favorite cup.

The AeroPress set consists of the AeroPress with:

  • Brewing cylinder
  • Plunger
  • Filter holder

as well as the accessories:

  • 350 microfilters
  • Filter dispenser
  • Filling funnel
  • Stir stick
  • Measuring spoon

Preparation: classic or inverted method

Two methods of making coffee have become popular among AeroPress users. On the one hand, this is the classic method from the instructions, in which the coffee is prepared directly on the coffee cup. On the other hand, the brewing process takes place in the inverted brewing cylinder. The step-by-step instructions make the difference clear.

Classic method

  1. Place a fresh filter in the filter holder.
  2. Screw the filter holder onto the brewing cylinder.
  3. Place the brewing cylinder on your cup and fill it with your favorite coffee.
  4. Now fill the brewing cylinder with water heated to 80 ° C and stir the mixture for 10 seconds.
  5. Insert the plunger and gently press it down. After 20 to 60 seconds, the piston should have reached the bottom.
  6. Take off the AeroPress and enjoy your fresh cup of coffee.

Inverted method

  1. Place a paper filter in the filter holdermoisten it with a little hot water and keep it close at hand.
  2. Push the plunger 2 – 3 cm deep into the brewing cylinder.
  3. Turn the AeroPress upside down so that it is on the plunger.
  4. Now put the coffee powder in the open brewing cylinder.
  5. Carefully pour 80 ° C hot water into the brewing cylinder and stir the mixture for 10 seconds.
  6. Let the coffee brew for 40 – 60 seconds before you unscrew the filter holder.
  7. Turn your mug over and place it on the filter.
  8. With one hand on the cup and the other hand on the AeroPress, turn both parts upside down until the AeroPress is on the cup.
  9. Now gently press the plunger all the way down in 20 to 60 seconds.
  10. Remove the AeroPress and enjoy your coffee.

Adjusting screws for taste

What sets the AeroPress apart from its competitors is the multitude of options for influencing the taste in the cup. It starts with the type of coffee, whether a full, caffeine-rich Robusta bean or a noble, fine Arabica bean should form the basis. The roasting determines the released aromas, the acidity and the typical, slightly bitter aftertaste.

The coffee in the Gold Cup standard has the best taste when around 18% – 22% of the substances are dissolved from the coffee powder. To achieve this value, a finer degree of grinding can be selected for a higher extraction of the substances. Even at a higher temperature, a larger amount of coffee powder or when stirring, more of the coffee substances that determine the taste end up in the cup.

People who let their coffee brew for a long time should be careful, because more substances are released from the coffee powder over time. If the coffee lands beyond the 22% limit , it begins to taste excessively strong and bitter.

Coffee leaves residues of oils and fats in coffee machines, which become rancid when they come into contact with the oxygen in the air. Regular cleaning of the AeroPress often works wonders for the taste of the coffee.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the AeroPress

The low weight and the powerless operation make the AeroPress the ideal companion when traveling. It helps that it is easy to clean and can make your coffee in just a minute. Properties that a French press doesn’t lose out on.

The AeroPress collects big plus points with the coffee taste, which can be optimized via many factors. The pressure squeezes many flavorings out of the coffee grounds before bitter substances have time to dissolve in the coffee. The finished coffee contains only one -fifth of the acidity of coffee- and only one -ninth of the acidity of a French press -coffee , making it a tasty alternative for those who prefer to do without acid.

In terms of the number of cups prepared, the single- cup AeroPress has to lag behind the French Press and other coffee makers. If you want to serve several cups, you will probably choose the larger French press alternative. Precise temperature and amount of coffee can only be monitored using external scales and thermometers, which means a little extra work.


Anyone who enjoys trying things out, is often traveling or chronically has too little time will find a coffee maker in the AeroPress that delivers amazing results at a low price .